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The big question for Start-Ups and SMBs when deciding on their next investment

The company's decision to push to digital transformation is supported by the need to expand its target and open new business lines to get more customers and grow.

To supply mobility and growth requirements, SMBs looking for cloud solutions, however, they find a big obstacle it makes slows the digitization process, the technology investment.

How do you invest in technology and save money simultaneously?

PG Solutions Miami gets a new way for SMBs and entrepreneurs to facilitate access to technology and allow them to have capital available to invest in other necessary and important aspects of their business.

Technology as a Service is a way to grow technology infrastructure in a smart, flexible, and customized way, with reasonable monthly costs.

How does this new flexible investment system work?

Plans adaptable to Start-ups, Small and Medium Businesses, with timely services, economical and without forcing companies to own the technology, as simple as a subscription.

No Payments for 90 Days

Purchase your technology solutions and have 90 days before you have to make the first monthly payment. This saves your cash flow and working capital.


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