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What is the best way to get there

Many companies are afraid to take the next step into the cloud for fear of losing control and security of their systems and information, although the benefits of the cloud are clear, there is a question:

What is the value of moving to the cloud and how do you assess it?

While the value of a cloud infrastructure depends mostly on an organization’s unique goals and needs, several benefits transcend a range of needs.

Cloud adoption can transform businesses and create opportunities in the following ways:

  • Reduction in operational costs

  • Increased organizational agility

  • Faster speed to market

  • Data-driven business models

  • Broad digital capabilities

Deciding on the best path

1To help business decision-makers discern their best cloud adoption path, Microsoft experts collaborated with Deutsche Börse - an international exchange organization and leading provider of market infrastructure - to develop a new perspective on cloud adoption that we believe will benefit other organizations contemplating the potential risks and rewards of their own cloud journeys. At the core of this approach is a data-driven measurement model of nine systems or categories that can serve as the basis for almost any organizational imperative: infrastructure scenarios, modern architecture scenarios, data scenarios, or innovation scenarios.

Move to the cloud—in a measured journey

We propose to generate a staggered process, with a migration strategy adapted to the current needs of your company, to ensure a friendly, profitable, and efficient transition to Cloud services, always accompanied by our team of professional experts in cloud platforms.



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