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How We Got Here

PG Solutions was born from a simple idea...

Our first experience with the darker side of IT came as a rude awakening. Working in a Miami based Law firm we found that not everyone had our affection for computers. The movie Office Space comes to mind with employees being stressed and angry with their computer systems, throwing up their hands in despair at losing hours of work due to a crash. This isn't the dark side mentioned before... that came after.

The Firm had an IT company that had been with them from the beginning. Setting them up with a huge IT system strong enough to service 50-100 lawyers. The problem was this firm was just 4 lawyers. 4 Lawyers who had put in everything they had to start a firm they could call their own. With a gleaming sales pitch and scare tactics the partners were convinced this was what they HAD to have in order to fulfill their dreams of having a real law firm. This decision cost them nearly $100k in hardware, licensing, IT charges, monthly maintenance, training, etc... Not only was the system expensive the setup was so esoteric that the Firm was forced into yearly maintenance contracts and blocked from administrative passwords. The IT company had complete control of the client's systems and could do nothing without depending on them. The total dependency of the IT company was at a point that a simple printer problem cost the company $300 for a technician to come in and reinstall drivers. 

PG Solutions was born from this bullying and dependency. We want to put the control and much more importantly the knowledge of your IT systems into your hands. We want to help you plan not only your IT systems but also your growth. We are a Business Systems engineering and proven solution provider. We take the headache and fear out of starting your own business and let you focus on your dream of becoming a business owner and operator.  Especially in this Post Pandemic time. We will focus on your IT helpdesk, cybersecurity, and be on your team as your Virtual CIO.

We want your company to be the agile panther in the jungle of competition. While everyone will join the herd and use the big IT companies, throwing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars into their infrastructure, together we can adapt and be the disruptive competition your market needs. Work not only hard but smart. Let's outsmart your competition together and build a lean business with lower overhead and more versatility than your competition. 

Patrick Gamero


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