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The future of IT growth is already here

In the last decade, technology has been moving towards flexible, agile, and disruptive solutions, which are allowing companies to grow more efficiently, optimizing their expenses in technology renewal, an example is Amazon offering Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) or Google with Software As A Service (SAAS), the future shows us a new service structure and is based on the technological equipment of daily use Technology As A Service which is the convergence of hardware and software in the same flexible package of services.


Plans adaptable to Start-ups and Medium Businesses, with timely services, economical and without forcing companies to own the technology, as simple as a subscription.

Best of all, customers can scale up or down throughout their subscription term - allowing them to adjust to changing business conditions.

What's better than having your technology platform on demand, upgraded, and supported 24/7.

Some of the advantages of joining this new Technology as a Service (TaaS) system are:

  1. Customizability: Services under customer needs.

  2. Exclusivity: Everything in a private environment, where a customer has complete control of functions without interference from other customers.

  3. On-demand: Resources can be activated or scaled whenever the business requires them.

  4. Virtual delivery: TaaS services are typically delivered through a system composed of machines/devices, data, applications, people, and processes. Whenever possible, these service delivery assets should be freed from location constraints.

TaaS is a strategy that supports the productivity of the company, which must be implemented gradually and carefully because it will require the adaptation of technical and operational capabilities available for this change that will bring new things to the company, so it is recommended to split the implementation in:

Asset-based services: Hardware

Services based on Functions: Base Software

Business-based services: Core business applications

Those who start this process now will have a great competitive advantage shortly.


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