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Human error is a major factor in contributing to security vulnerability.

SMBs make big mistakes, it is a threat to cybersecurity as a problem. Recent research states that 88% of data breaches are the result of human error. That's approximately 9 out of 10 incidents caused by employee error.

Cybersecurity is a key element to strengthen in the Small and Medium Business sector because they are targeted by cybercriminals and their security strategy is weak or non-existent in most cases.

How to fix SMBs Cyber Security Vulnerabilities?

  1. Find, identify, and correct as many human security errors as possible.

  2. Educate in security best practices for SMBs (Small and Medium Business)

  3. Implement and update tools for data protection and disaster recovery.

  4. Protect your network.

  5. Implement two-factor authentication policies and change passwords periodically.

The best defense is a good attack

No company is immune to cyber-attacks, you can improve your cybersecurity with the right solutions for your needs.

Do you need more information about cybersecurity for your business?


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