PG Solutions offers several specializations...

We are proud to be considered the "Anti-IT Guys". We believe that growth of our client's companies should not be hindered by high cost servers and long maintanence contracts that take away from cash flow and stunt growth. We strive to give the most competative pricing and easy to manage plans that help you leverage IT for your benefit and in turn GROWTH! 

IT Infrastructure Planning and Work Flow Analysis

Thinking of starting your own business? Let us help you by taking the guess work out of the planning phase. We have helped several start ups with issues such as: initial vendor selection and contract negotiation, office location and inspections, System integration from inception of client to accounting to order fufillment, Hardware/Asset purchasing/planning, and maintenance.


You have a dream of starting your own company... Let us help you make that dream come true. 

Specialized in Law Firm Setups

In few other industries does the saying "Time is Money" ring more true. PG Solutions specializes in making your practice more efficient. We have expirience providing Firms with customized systems to deal with firm challenges.  


Completely Paperless operations, remote access to files, cost recovery systems, billable time tracking and invoicing, and more... Let us reduce your overhead and time wasted which will allow you and your firm to bill more hours to the client. 

Small to Medium Business Startups

One of the biggest challenges of a small or startup business is maintaining low overhead costs while still having the functioanilty of larger more established businesses. 


PG Solutions knows your challenges and can help you get off the ground by taking the burden of your IT needs off you and your staff. With our help you can focus on more on doing what you're good at doing...growing your business. 

VOIP - Phone Systems and Partnerships with Providers


PG Solutions has partnered with various VOIP, internet, cloud and software providers to give you the more versatile and robust IT setup on the market today while keeping initial investment and monthly overhead low. 


In today's business landscape we must not only work hard... but we must work smart. Every company is different and unique. Don't let the sales guys pitch you a high cost system because they tell you it's what you need. We will work hand in hand as a partner to understand what you and your company really needs. Taking time to understand each and every aspect of your business to create a package that will serve you best instead of just picking from a list of cookie cutter plans that may or may not be what is best. 

Staff Training and Education

It is said over 80% of day to day issues caused by computers or IT can be resolved by users themselves. We take the time to educated you and your employees in the basic steps to follow to resolve issues quickly. Not only do you reduce down time but you also cut IT consulting costs down. 


PG Solutions sets up your sytems and operation to be turn-key. Operating Systems, Anti-Virus, and supporting software is all installed and ready to use. Networking and system integration between departments is planned and implemented by us in order to have you and your employee focus not on figuring out how things work but instead on using the tools given to get the most out of their work day. 

Overhead Reduction and Tiered Expansion Planning

Before buying that 50 user server and planning your hardware purchases for 10 years in the future save yourself the tens of thousands of dollars, don't plan big... plan smart! We will work with you to establish tiered growth plans to spread the growth of both your infrastructure and employee count over phases. Take the functionaility of those big companies and the versatility and adaptability of the small.


We will partner with you to help strategize growth and give you the tools to lay out your plans before investing in hardware that will more then likely be outdated by the time you reach its full potential. Today's Cloud computing allows you to grow and invest at a per user basis instead of purchasing full servers to manage your data and networking needs.